Admission is granted on the basis of —

  1. Step 1: Evaluation test
  2. Step 2: Interview

Admission is open for classes Nursery to XII

Limited seats in hostel

Special 25% concession in the school fee is offered to new students whose average score is 90% or above in the admission test and previous year final exams.

Evaluation Test Dates for session 2024-25

  1. Every Saturday of Months - Nov 2023 to Feb 2024


Non - Resident Students
Date Pre-Nur. To V VI to VIII IX & X XI & XII
01 April 2024 9900 12500 13500 16500
01 July 2024 9900 12500 13500 16500
01 Oct 2024 9900 12500 13500 16500
01 Jan 2025 9900 12500 13500 16500
Total Yearly Fee 39600 50000 54000 66000
One Time Payment 37200 47000 50800 62000
Resident Students
Date III To V VI to VIII IX & X XI & XII
01 April 2024 49000 50000 51000 54000
01 July 2024 49000 50000 51000 54000
01 Oct 2024 49000 50000 51000 54000
01 Jan 2025 49000 50000 51000 54000
Total Yearly Fee 196000 200000 204000 216000
One Time Payment 184200 188000 191800 203000
Additional Fee per session for Special Subjects in Grade XI & XII

NCC Equipment Fee – Rs 3500

Practical Fee – Food Production/Home Science/Physics/Chemistry/Biology/ICT – Rs 1500 per subject

Registration Fee (Only for New Admission – Non-Refundable)
  1. Non-Resident Students – Rs 3500
  2. Resident Students – Rs 20000
Imprest Money –
  1. For New Resident Students – Rs 20,000
  2. For Old Resident Students – Rs 10,000

Please note imprest money is required for the following expenses -

  1. Summer and Winter School / House / Hostel Uniforms, Shoes and Miscellaneous items
  2. Personal Requirements from Canteen
  3. Textbook and stationary
  4. School Tour/Outing, Picnic, feast etc.
  5. Specialized Medical Treatment
  6. Any other miscellaneous expenses

Details of student’s expenses can be collected from the accounts department.

A minimum balance of Rs 5,000 is always to be maintained in the imprest account during the academic year

Important Points:

  • Parents are requested to use School ERP application to make fee payments. It is most convenient to use and directly updates your child’s school fee account.
  • Please send a proof of the online payment, which are not done through ERP, to Accounts office either by email on or by a WhatsApp message on 7027570128 clearly mentioning Name and Admission No. of the student
  • School Name should be mentioned as Amatir Kanya Gurukul for all other modes of payment like Online Transfer/Cheque/Draft
  • Dues for newly admitted resident students in class XI are to be deposited on half-yearly basis
  • One Time Payment concession is applicable to Yearly fees paid on or before 30th April only
  • Documents required to be submitted at the time of admission

    1. Report card of Previous class Original
    2. School Leaving / Transfer Certificate with
    Unique Student Registration Number (Generated by MIS)
    3. Aadhar Card of the Student Photocopy Attested
    4. Date of Birth Certificate Photocopy Attested
    5. Blood Group Report Original
    6. Medical Fitness Certificate (From MBBS Doctor) Original
    7. Aadhar Card of Father & Mother Photocopy Attested
    8. PAN Card of Father & Mother Photocopy Attested
    9. Passport Size Photograph – Student 12 No.
    10. Passport Size Photo – Day Boarders – Two Guardians
    Passport Size Photo – Hostellers – Four Guardians
    04 No. Each

    04 No. Each
    11. Caste/Minority Certificate Photocopy Attested
    Additional Documents required for admission in Class X & XII
    1. Affidavit from parents stating reason as “Why do you want to shift your ward to Amatir Kanya Gurukul, Kurukshetra”
    2. Board Enrolment/Registration number — Photocopy Attested

    Hostellers - list of items to be brought from home

    Description Quantity Description Quantity Description Quantity Description Quantity
    White Sheet 02 No. Undergarments 10 No. Blanket 01 No. Umbrella - Small 01 No.
    Canvas Shoes – Black 02 Pairs Handkerchief 06 No. Blanket Cover – White 01 No. Bucket with Mug 01 No.
    Sports Shoes 01 Pair Towel – Large 02 No. Quilt / Rajai 01 No. Locks – Small 02 No.
    Sports Socks 04 Pairs Towel – Small 02 No. Quilt Cover – White 02 No. Face Mask (Washable) 07 No.
    Yoga Mat 1 no. For Winters Spectacles (if applicable) 03 No. Water Bottle (Insulated) 07 No.
    Bathroom Slippers 02 Pairs Casual Sweater/Jersey 02 No. School Bag 01 No.


    Casual Shoes / Sandal 01 Pair Casual Jacket 02 No. Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Bathing Soap with case, Facewash, Shampoo, Hair Conditioner, Hair Oil, Prickly Heat Powder, Skin Moisturizer, Lip Balm – Plain, Rose Water, Aloe Vera Gel, Vaseline/Glycerin, Washing Soap/Detergent, Comb, Hair Pins, Hair Bands, Safety Pins, Odomos Fabric Roll. Nail Cutter
    Casual Dress 02 Sets Thermals 03 No.
    Night Dress 02 Sets Woolen Cap 02 No.
    Shameez 10 No. Hand gloves 02 No.

    Note: Most of the things are or can be made available in the School Canteen.

    Any non-compliant or additional item found on student will be confiscated and lead to disciplinary action.

    List of Items – Provided Free of Cost

    Description Quantity Description Quantity
    Flat Bed 01 No. Pillow 01 No.
    Mattress 01 No. Pillow Cover 02 No.
    Hanger 04 No. Bed-side Table 01 No.

    List of Items – Provided on Payment

    Description Quantity Description Quantity Description Quantity Description Quantity
    School Uniform 02 Sets Hostel/Sports Track Pant 03 No. Jersey – School 02 No. Bed Sheet 02 No.
    House Dress 01 Set Hostel/Sport Track Upper 02 No. Jacket – School 01 No. Oversheet 02 No.
    Hostel/Sports T-Shirt 04 No. Socks – School 04 Pairs Jacket – Hostel 01 No. Tableware 01 Set

    List of Items – Prohibited

    Sr. No.Description
    01Any sort of Electric or Electronics gadgets like Mobile Phone, MP3 Player, Camera, Laptop, Tablet, Hairdryer, Hair-Straightener, Electric Kettle, Iron, Water-Heater, Bulbs, etc.
    02Any types of Cosmetics like Nail-Paint, Lipstick, Kajal, Eyeliner, Perfume, deodorant, Bindi, etc.
    03Any type of sharp objects like Knife, Blade, Cutter, Scissor, Needle, etc.
    04Any type of Jewellery / Ornament made of Diamond / Gold / Silver, Cash or any other valuable item
    05Accessories like Bracelet, Bangles, Payal, Rings, etc.
    06Revealing, Figure Hugging and Transparent Clothes
    07Hair Removal Cream, Lotion, Rajor etc.
    08Any Chocolate Made Items

    Note: If any of the above-mentioned item is found on any student then it will be confiscated, and lead to disciplinary action including expulsion from the hostel.

    List of Outside Eatables Allowed in the Hostel:

    Thekwa Dry Mutter Matthi
    Home Made Namkeen Home Made Laddu Panjiri
    Peda Gajar ka Halwa Khurme
    Shakkarpaare Gujjiya Only Bakery Biscuits
    Banana Chips Khakhra Dry Petha
    Roasted Chana Roasted Peanuts Gajjak, Rewdi
    Revdi Rusk Tang/Glucon-D or Similar
    Ghee Dry Fruits Breakfast Cereals
    Pickle Jaggery (Gur) / Mishri Bournvita/Complan or Similar
    Honey or Similar Chyawanprash or Similar Juice and Fruits

    Note: Any eatable item which is not mentioned in the above list will be confiscated.