To Create an environment that enables the making of a self-aware, autonomous, happy and a successful human being.


To Create Truly Empowered Girl Child And Create Options For Mainstream And Alternate Careers.

Environment At Amatir

At Amatir a deliberate attempt is made to make sure that an enabling environment is created for learning. It is a condition, a space, an environment in which a living being grows - teachers, children, plants, habitat alike. A matrix which enables the growth of consciousness, learning and education.

The physical spaces are designed keeping in mind the learning matrix, which consists of integrated learning, physical space and the classroom. It is not only the physical environment that is conducive for such integrated learning but the overall intent to create space for curiosity amongst the students, teachers and the parents alike.


At Amatir, the focus is on the child, her unique needs, her unique interest and talent. Amatir does not believe in uniformity. Special focus is on developing the child on the lines of her interest and at a pace that is most suited for her.

Education philosophy at Amatir is not to ‘teach’ a subject and not to be a taskmaster but to offer to the student, to be a guide and to suggest and not to impose. It only means to put a child in an environment where she begins to learn and ask questions by herself rather than from outside. We discourage forced learning.

Amatir focusses on the child being self-aware and other-aware which is an ability to be aware of one's own inner personality, of one's own conditioning, what moves them, what conditions and influences them, of one's entire being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Such aware individual end up becoming aware of the others - other people and the world in which they live.

Empowering the girl child is the main reason why Amatir came into existence. Amatir is determined to make the child Independent and self directed i.e. not dependent on external conditions; not moulded by external influences. An autonomous person is one who has cultivated his own understanding of life and people without the conditionings of past experience and influences of education and prejudices.

Anant Charitable trust

Anant charitable trust under whose aegis the Amatir has been incorporated, was founded by a retired electrical engineering professor Mr B S Nehra in the year 2002 with the objective to uplift the condition of women in the field of education namely basic education, technical education, and higher education.

In May 2002, Anant started Kanya Gurukul, a residential and boarding school for girls in village Bachgaon Gamri, Kurukshetra, Haryana, India with 27 girls from nearby villages in a three-room house which acted as school during the day and converted into hostel after school hours.

Since then, the school has grown significantly providing quality education to hundreds of girls, from Pre-Nursery to 10+2 grades, in a 16-acre campus with ever increasing infrastructure and facilities for its students as well as staff.

In year 2016, Board of Trustees of Anant brought Kanya Gurukul under the new identity by changing its name to Amatir Kanya Gurukul to create a unique forward looking brand. Amatir, a Sanskrit word, means 'Knowledge'.

Amatir will emphasize on building highly personalized, high-quality schools that will strive to stimulate engagement, innovation, creativity, storytelling, visualisation, entrepreneurship, community-ship development, and performance improvement among girls on quotidian basis. It seeks to provide a choice to families and communities that would otherwise not have access to high quality education, particularly in communities where majority of the students’ hail from low-income families