Amatir Kanya Gurukul Kurukshetra - Residential School for Girls Haryana India

From the desk of the Principal

Namaste Ji and Welcome to Amatir.

To be an educator is to be able to influence a child's learning in the nascent years of her life – an immense responsibility and a task ridden with challenges. It is so because everything that is learnt and experienced at school will come to define almost everything about the life they will lead.

The greatest gift the world can give the future generation is a sound education and good moral values. The knowledge we impart to the pupils today is what will steer them through the ups and down of life and give them the courage to take the right decision and follow the right course of action at the right moment. Hence it is very important not to have a monetary Price tag on education.

Motivated by the power of the girl child and driven by core values of humility and integrity with a resolve to leave no one behind, Amatir Kanya Gurukul is poised to become a powerhouse of knowledge, culture and excellence. This School is uniquely placed in the system of education to be the best that there is and it is our collective responsibility as students, parents, faculty and administration to realize this potential.

Every girl who steps into this 20 acres of a veritable wonderland of rambling paths, trees, flowers, and exotic birds get to enjoy the best of both the worlds-privacy and peace combined with modern links. She is nurtured with the time-tested values and ethos within a salubrious and pristine ambience that encourages fearless intellectual curiosity promoting learning through enthusiastic self-discovery and inspires a love for integrity and compassion for life.

Education for an Amatirian is an intimate journey to personhood. She celebrates diversity in the learning environment which promotes independent thinkers with a happy mind and compassion towards other beings. She understands that to be successful and to attain excellence in life, she needs to compete with herself by stretching her boundaries, rather than competing with others. She must aspire to reach new heights, not for the world to see her at the top rather for her to see the world from the top. We welcome her to a community that explores, enriches and develops her and allows her to take risks on her dynamic journey to success.

Amatir Kanya Gurukul is committed to the promise that girls will embrace a variety of new opportunities while keeping pace with their studies, sports and co-curricular activities, ensuring that every child develops the strength of character to leave Amatir. Kanya Gurukul is a confident and capable individual.

As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Intelligence plus character is the true goal of education.”

Mrs. Shalu Sharma

Amatir Kanya Gurukul


  1. School and hostel situated in scenic, beautiful, Secured and pollution free environment spread over 20 acres of land

  2. Special emphasis on Indian value system, culture, discipline along with modern education

  3. Special daily coaching and tutoring for all the Students in the hostel after school hours

  4. NCC Senior Divison of 10th Haryana Batallion

  5. Special mentoring for various competitive exams like JEE, NEET, NDA, CUET, IPM, Hotel Management etc.

  6. ISO 9001 & 14001 certified

  7. Recipient of International School award 2019 -22 (British council)

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The future of education is the future of the human race. Education needs to look beyond literacy, academic skills, certification and qualification. Literacy is needed to read and write, certification may be needed for jobs. Can certification and qualification be the whole of education? This is the question on which the whole education philosophy of Amatir is premised on.

The primary driving aspiration of the human being is his or her evolution and self-fulfillment. Unfortunately, for many generations, education has not served this purpose. At Amatir, we endeavor to fulfill this human aspiration.

Amatir is a place where you engage with yourself, different parts of your being, with the environment in a natural habitat cut away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

This calls for totally different pedagogical approach and different role of a teacher. This is a challenge. Amatir is up for this challenge. It becomes evenly more challenging when it concerns the girl child. We at Amatir feel that these are exciting times as much as they are challenging.