Amatir caters to students from pan India. At Amatir, one finds a mixed culture of students and they all learn from each other. The soul of the school is our girl child who represents the future of India and a truly empowered woman in the making.



At Amatir, we have a rigorous selection process for teachers. A school in the rural setting requires teachers with extraordinary capacities and capabilities. A Teachers at Amatir is not only qualified to teach subjects but emotionally competent to give our children a homely environment which is a need for a residential school like ours.

Out techno savvy faculty with a breadth of knowledge extends teaching beyond conventional boundaries and supports pupils on an individual basis through academic and personal difficulties.



For Amatir, parents are the main stakeholders. Every effort is made to create a special connection with the parent. We at Amatir believe that the school environment and the environment at home should be the same. Special efforts are made to customize our communication with the parents.



At Amatir, we believe that we can learn from the entire world. We encourage people to visit our school, work on projects and share their knowledge and experience with our children and teachers. Special workshops and teachers retreats are arranged to enhance professional and personal development of our teachers. People from various walks of life for example, arts, filmmaking, theatre visit our school on regular basis and enrich the environment with their knowledge and experience. This makes the environment at Amatir a diverse environment and plants the seed of curiosity in every one.


Rural India, especially the state of Haryana encourages sports for the girl child. Haryana Sports Department has allotted three sports nurseries - Athletics, Handball and Boxing to Amatir. Haryana Government has appointed coaches for all these three sports and also provides scholarships of Rs 1500 to 2000 per month to 25 girls from each sport.

Amatir has two playgrounds of six acres and two acres each to encourage sports for the girl child. Students play sports during the school hours and get coaching in Athletics, Handball, Volleyball, Football, Judo, Martial Arts in the evening by highly qualified sports instructors. Our students have represented our school at state and national level in these sports. Girls also play games like Table Tennis, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Badminton and various indoor games like chess, carom board and computer games. Sports students are provided extra diet to meet their additional calories requirement.

Co-scholastic Activities

Amatir believes in making the learners efficient both at the personal and social level, creating extraordinary students. Apart from academic pursuits, various co-scholastic activities are conducted throughout the year. These include visual and performing arts, culinary skills, effective communication & interpersonal skills, decision making & critical thinking, empathy etc.

These activities bring a balance in the child’s mental development which help them flourish in social and emotional aspect.


Contemporary and Classical dance forms are taught. Our girls have participated in inter school as well as state level competitions.


Our students are trained by an artist from “Ashmita Theater Group” for stage-plays and “Nukkad Nataks”. The students are trained to write their own scripts which gives them the confidence to speak with conviction. These plays are performed in various villages and schools conveying message on various social issues.


A teacher from UK is helping students perfect their drawing skills in classical paintings. Children’ creations reflect vastness of their creativity leaving us speechless. The strokes and the color combinations are inspiring and compel us to think.

Paper Recycling

Girls at Amatir practice recycling in its true spirit by processing old paper in our self-developed paper-recycling unit. Recycled New paper is used to prepare various types of items like – Diary, chart paper, wrapping paper, envelopes.


Amatir Girls have mastered the art of making jewelry using thick paper sheets; their creations is always admired by people who visit our school. Very soon students will start marketing their products that will develop entrepreneur skills in them and act as a great motivator.


Vocal Music

Our music teacher is a researcher and scholar of music and extremely passionate about her subject. She says, “Music helps to express one’s feelings”. Our students learn classical vocal music and participate in various concerts & programs for showcasing their talent.

Instrumental Music

Playing an instrument develops mathematical skills and builds the capacity to concentrate. Research has shown that when you play an instrument it helps improve hand-eye coordination and memorizing skills. Instruments like Violin, Tabla, Synthesizer and Sitar are taught to our students.


Amatir girls learn to cook variety of cuisines and condiments like Pickles, Jam and Sauce. They also learn to pack and use preservatives for longer shelf life. Food carnival organized by our girls is one of the most sought after event for the nearby community and students alike.