Amatir is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E.) – Affiliation No. 530865, School Code 40834). The medium of teaching is English for all classes. It offers Medical, Non-Medical, Commerce & Arts streams for 10+1 & 10+2 classes with Math, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Home Science, Physical Education, Sanskrit, Punjabi, Hindi, Fine Arts, NCC, Business studies, History, Artificial Intelligence and Food Production as optional subjects


Special efforts are made to make sure that the learning is joyful for the students. Academic skills and results are important and special efforts are made to make sure that all students score high marks and gain high grades.

The main focus is on experiential understanding rather than just focusing on getting high scores. Teachers take student out of the classroom whenever need be. Amatir believes that education cannot be limited to academic rigour only. Education at Amatir is about life and not just about schooling and passing exams.

Vedic Education

Vedic education is not an abstract term for the Amatir students but it is manifested in the individual, philosophical, cultural, social and spiritual aspects of their lives. A learned Acharya Ji, like an affectionate father and effective teacher, inculcates the value education and Vedic preaching among the students. The Vedic education is planned in a manner that it is appropriate to students’ mental developmental abilities and supports their physical, intellectual and emotional development.

Hawan every morning and Sandhya in the evening are integral part of resident girls at Amatir. Havan ahuti and chanting of mantras not only help to cleanses the mind but also infuse the environment with positive energy.


Computer Lab

Amatir has a well-equipped computer lab with a projector. A Broadband internet connection enables the students in their research work. Computer education is introduced to students from grade 3rd onwards as part of the curriculum as well as a tool to perform activity oriented tasks. Students use technology to collaborate with other school students from various countries.

Maths Lab

Mathematics lab at Amatir helps take out fear of Math subject out of from the minds of students by making concepts fun to learn and easy to understand with the help of Maths kits. Highly recognized “Jodo Gyan” kits are used for the primary classes.

Science Labs - Physics, Chemistry and Biology

The institution has well equipped science labs with modern apparatus and appliances for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The various mysteries of science are unraveled in these laboratories through experiments and practical experiences.

English Language Lab

Amatir understands the importance of English language in today’s global environment and lays special emphasis on listening, speaking, writing and reading skills for our girl students. Our language lab is equipped with the latest software for learning English language and is proving to be game changer especially for those girls who have very weak foundation in the English language.

Home Science & Food Production Lab

Cooking is an art and one of the most crucial skill for any girl student to have. Amatir has a state of art Food Production Lab where girls learn to cook healthy and delicious dishes under the supervision of the home science teacher. The intention while cooking is the most critical attribute during this process. They are counseled to achieve mind-body balance, mentored to realize the importance of cooking and serving the meals with a smile.