Amatir Kanya Gurukul Kurukshetra - Residential School for Girls Haryana India

From the desk of the Principal

Namaste Ji and welcome to Amatir.

It is my privilege to be a part of an institute that encourages empowering a girl child. As we witness a convergence of cultures, beliefs, outlook in our society we are also witnessing a growing need for the girl child to express herself in whatever way she chooses to. We no longer belong to the old beliefs, we no longer discriminate people on the basis of their gender. In its truer sense, if we are to progress as a nation and as collective, we need to empower our girl child.

The role of women is now moving away from conformity towards freedom, away from prescription and routine towards a free expression of her entire being. The professional and personal ideals are no longer what it used to be, or as prescribed by their parents and the society at a large but a growing number of girls and youth are now talking about career in music, sports, travel, becoming an entrepreneur, working for the society at large, giving back to society. We have more women athlete today than ever before; there are success stories of women CEOs and women entrepreneurs. How do we empower our girl child? They cannot be empowered if they are told only to focus on academics, mugging up some information and getting mark to satisfy the never ending worry of their parents. What they need is an environment where they can truly identify their own passion, their own interest at an early age and it is only possible when we focus equally on the overall development of the child – the physical, the mental, the emotional, cultural & social and spiritual.

We, at Amatir, feel that we urgently need to provide an environment where the girl child can live her life freely and not under any compulsion.Amatir is therefore more than a school even more than an institute. It is truly an environment to further the growth of human consciousness. We believe that this task is mammoth and we alone cannot achieve it.

Our purpose and achievement will reflect when we see a smile and confidence on the face of our student. At Amatir, we will not stop, until we reach our goal.

Richa Bedi

Amatir Kanya Gurukul


  1. School and hostel situated in scenic, beautiful, Secured and pollution free environment spread over 15 acres of land

  2. Special emphasis on Indian value system, culture, discipline along with modern education

  3. Special daily coaching and tutoring for all the Students in the hostel after school hours

  4. NCC Senior Divison of 10th Haryana Batallion

  5. NCC Senior Divison of 10th Haryana Batallion

  6. Special mentoring for various competitive exams like JEE, NEET, CLAT, NDA etc.

  7. ISO 9001 & 14001 certified

  8. Recipient of International School award 2019 -22 (British council)

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The future of education is the future of the human race. Education needs to look beyond literacy, academic skills, certification and qualification. Literacy is needed to read and write, certification may be needed for jobs. Can certification and qualification be the whole of education? This is the question on which the whole education philosophy of Amatir is premised on.

The primary driving aspiration of the human being is his or her evolution and self-fulfillment. Unfortunately, for many generations, education has not served this purpose. At Amatir, we endeavor to fulfill this human aspiration.

Amatir is a place where you engage with yourself, different parts of your being, with the environment in a natural habitat cut away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

This calls for totally different pedagogical approach and different role of a teacher. This is a challenge. Amatir is up for this challenge. It becomes evenly more challenging when it concerns the girl child. We at Amatir feel that these are exciting times as much as they are challenging.